Blurity is a product from Nesota LLC, which is a small technology company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. How small? Just one guy: Jeff.

Jeff loves photography almost as much as he loves talking about himself in the third person. The task of "painting with light" presents both artistic and technical challenges. Sometimes there are triumphs. Other times there are failures. And every so often, images are produced that are excellent in every way except... they're a bit blurry.

Jeff always hated having photos ruined by blurriness, but for a long time he didn't think that much could be done about such image corruption. He was aware of "deconvolution" from his undergrad days, but it seemed relegated to the realm of medical imaging and astrophotography. Nobody had really put together a product for normal, everyday, "natural" images. But why did that have to be the case? He set out to right that wrong, and bring "blind deconvolution" to the masses.

It took a long, long time to get up to speed on the problem, and there were plenty of dead ends (including a laughably bad paper from Jeff's grad school days, in which it was obvious he didn't really know what he was doing), but eventually he got a handle on things. The result is Blurity.


Legal stuff

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